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since 1993 Antonio Fiore Melacrinis & Roberta Roberti Law Firm offer legal service and assistance both in judicial and extrajudicial, domestic and international clients.
Our Law Firm it is specialised  in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Contractual negotiations and disputes.     The family tradition of  Fiore Melacrinis Law Firm, since began 1900.

Fiore Melacrinis & Roberti Law Firm have vast experience representing  all the size for:
- Civil law, disputes
- Commercial right, disputes
- Contractual negotiations, for business activities of all size 
- Contractual disputes
- Mediation/Alternative dispute resolution (mediation and  A.D.R.)
- Real estate law, acquisition, litigation 
-  Development project for Real Estate Investment in Italy, for residential, hospitality, hotel/resort, clinical, industrial, farm and land  develop
- Conveyancing: (buying a property or real estate investment in Italy, the conveyancing process can be complicated  and stressful), FMR law firm we will provide you with efficient service to ensure the prompt conclusion of your transaction.
- due diligence
- compensation for damages action
- Medicial malpractive ( diagnostic error, surgical mistakes) 
- Accipiens and injures: 
- Auto, truck, motorcycle  accipiens ( with serious injuries or permanent disabilities )
- Pedestrian accipients (than automotive drives do no respect the rights of pedestrians, they are entitled to damages;   

- Family law,  separation (consensual or judicial) and divorce (consensual or judicial) 

- intellectual property ( contractual negotiation and   Management of rights relating to industrial property: licences, patents, company  brands, franchising )
- trade mark
- copyright
- Project for Energy renewable
- Agronomy and agroindustry  development


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First of all, you will be able to send a fax for rough estimate (the matter/ problem/project)

  1. the firm consistently handle the mandate with a analysis of the legal position- , than the FMR Law Firm will send a letter of assignment,  that you subject signing will send it to our firm


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for new client: please, all the contact  by fax and post only

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Fiore Melacrinis & Roberti Law Firm, address it is: 
Via Magna Grecia, 84
Roma  ( near Basilica St. John Lateran )
postcode: 00183 
Fax number:         +39 (06) 70450555 
web site:

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